11.     Spiced beer nuts (v,gf,df)

10.     Marinated mixed olives (v,gf,df)

14.     5 Spice crispy squid, nahm jim, blackened aioli (df)

12.     Sweet potato wedges, guacamole (v)

  8.     Shoestring fries, blackened aioli (df)

12.     Loaded fries - select from below

          + Pulled brisket, South American BBQ sauce

          + Korean fried chicken, pickled cucumber

          + Korean fried cauliflower, kimchi (v)

14.     Korean fried chicken, pickled cucumber (df)

12.     Korean fried cauliflower bites, kimchi (v)

14.     Smoked ham & cheese croquettes, green pea emulsion

12.     Thai prawn spring rolls, nahm jim (df)

16.     Baba ghanoush, pickled eggplant, toasted Turkish bread

16.     Margherita pizza (gf)

18.     Pork belly bites, cauliflower purée, charred corn, honey
          lemon sauce, candied lemon (gf)


19.     Tandoori Chicken

          mixed lettuce, pickled cucumber, mango chutney,

          coriander yoghurt

19.     Lamb Kofta

          mixed lettuce, beetroot hummus, raita

19.     Pulled Beef Brisket

          pickled onion, sweet pickles, mixed lettuce, chipotle

          mayo, cheese

19.     Spiced Cauliflower + Chickpea

          alfalfa, aioli, mixed lettuce, beetroot (v,df)


22.     Dukkah Chicken

          mixed lettuce, pickled cucumber, mango chutney,

          coriander yoghurt

24.     Pork Belly Rice Bowl

          Cuban orange reduction, garlic rice, chimichurri

          cucumber, pickled red onion, radish, mixed lettuce

          (gf, df)

22.     Roasted Beetroot Salad

          tri-colour quinoa, walnut crumb, Persian feta,

          balsamic vinaigrette, rocket (gf)

25.     Spiced Lamb Kofta

           toasted pita, beetroot hummus, Israeli salad,

           Persian feta (gf, df)


Our Head Chef, and her team, work with local suppliers & produce wherever possible to support & showcase the best this state has to offer! Try our Tasmanian House specialty, the Pepperberry Porterhouse, grown only here in Tasmania & exported globally. It is a must try!

42.     Pepperberry Porterhouse

          chats, speck, smoked garlic, brocollini, red wine jus


40.     250g Porterhouse

          chats, speck, smoked garlic, brocollini, red wine jus


48.     Lamb Back Strap

          mushroom + thyme marmalade, sage + parmesan

          dauphinoise, micro salad, brocollini, red wine jus (gf)

44.     250g Scotch Fillet

          pumpkin purée, chats, brocollini, mushroom + thyme

          marmalade, garlic compound butter (gf)

48.     Spiced Cauliflower + Chickpea

           alfalfa, aioli, mixed lettuce, beetroot (v,df)


24.     Chicken Parmigiana

          shoestring fries, house salad

23.     Beer Battered Whiting

          shoestring fries, curried mayonnaise (df)

25.     5 Spice Crisp Squid

          nahm jim, house salad, blackened aioli

22.     Butter Cauliflower

          naan, jasmine rice, mango chutney (v)

28.     Seared Chicken Breast

          sweet potato wedges, spiced chickpeas, chargrilled

          courgettes, romesco sauce

24.     Mushroom Stroganoff

          jasmine rice, micro herbs (v)

28.     Smoked Fennel Pork Roulade

           parsnip puree, pickled apple slaw, micro salad (gf)

30.     Pan Seared Tasmanian Salmon

           brocollini, green herb oil, white bean puree, 

           blistered cherry tomatoes (gf)

29.     Oven Roasted Hoki

           winter ratatouille (gf)

26.     Peking Pulled Duck Tacos

           master stock, pickled fennel + cucumber, slaw,

           micro herbs (df)


26.     Smoked Ham + Green Pea Risotto

          shaved parmesan, micro herbs (gf)

24.     Roasted Pumpkin

           pumpkin purée, pappardelle, capers, parmesan                   chips (v, df)


10.     Mac + cheese, garlic + herb crumb

  8.     Roasted chat potatoes, chimichurri (v,gf,df)

  8.     Shoestring fries, blackened aioli (df)

12.     Sweet potato wedges, guacamole (v,df)

  7.     House salad (v,gf,df)

  8.     Seasonal greens (v,gf,df)

  2.5   Sauces: gravy, creamy mushroom, triple pepper


16.     Affogato

          Baileys or Frangelico, shortbread, vanilla bean
          ice cream

16.     Alchemy's Cold Plate:

          sherbet, fairy floss, choc soil, strawberries,       
          chocolate shards

14.     Red Wine Poached Pear

          whipped mascarpone, cinnamon sable

30.     Cheese Board

          fig paste, toasted Turkish bread, spiced beer nuts,

          marinated olives, balsamic pickled eggplant, apple

10.     Let us choose a bottle of Vino

wine 1.png
wine_grape vine.png

12.     Dino Nuggets

          shoestring fries, House salad

12.     Crumbed Chicken Tenders

          House salad

12.     Battered Whiting

          shoestring fries, House salad


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