18.     Margherita pizza (gf)

14.     5 Spice S&P squid, nahm jim (df)

15.     Korean fried chicken, pickled cucumber

12.     Sweet potato wedges, smoked garlic hummus (v)

  7.     Shoestring fries, aioli (df)

18.     Pork belly bites, cauliflower purée, charred corn,             
          candied lemon, honey & lemon sauce (gf)

16.     Jalapeño & corn fritters, basil pesto mayo (v,df)

23.     Beef carpaccio, gin compressed beets, petite brioche
          croutons, horseradish cream, 
cucumber ribbons

14.     San choy pork spring rolls, sweet & sour sauce (df)

19.     Tasmanian salmon ceviche, pickled cucumber, dill

           yoghurt (gf)

10ea   Tacos - select from below

          + Crispy pork belly, mixed lettuce, slaw, pickled

              cucumber, char siu sauce (df)

          + Corn chip crumbed chicken, corn salsa, mixed

              lettuce, slaw, chipotle mayo

          + Pulled duck, mixed lettuce, slaw, pickled cucumber &

              fennel, Peking sauce (df)

          + Beetroot falafel, mixed lettuce, slaw, smoked garlic

              hummus, corn salsa (df,v)


Burgers + Wraps

Only available at lunchtime

19.     Bird, brie & bacon burger

          mixed lettuce, pepper mayo

19.     Beef Burger

          mixed lettuce, bacon, cheese, caramelised onion,                pickled cucumber, smokey BBQ mayo

18.     Pulled pork wrap

          mixed lettuce, slaw, pickled red onion & cucumber,                chipotle mayo

19.     Mediterranean roasted veg wrap,

          mixed lettuce, slaw, pumpkin, red peppers, zucchini,                  smoked garlic hummus (v)

  2.     add halloumi


Maybe Try Sharing

45.     Ploughman’s platter

          Ashgrove cheeses, pâté, cold cuts, relish, pickled                    eggplant, crackers, toasted Turkish bread, marinated              olives

          Ideal for 2

65.     Alchemy platter

          Korean chicken, san choy bow pork spring rolls, 5                spice S&P squid, sweet potato wedges, jalapeño &              corn fritters

          Ideal for 4

From the Grill.png

Our Head Chef, and her team, work with local suppliers & produce wherever possible to support & showcase the best this state has to offer! Try our Tasmanian House specialty, the Pepperberry Porterhouse, grown only here in Tasmania & exported globally. It is a must try!

43.     Pepperberry Porterhouse

          chats, speck, smoked garlic, brocollini, red wine jus


40.     250g Porterhouse

          chats, speck, smoked garlic, brocollini, red wine jus


 2.   SAUCESgravy, creamy mushroom, triple pepper

45.     250g Scotch Fillet

          pumpkin purée, chats, speck, smoked garlic,                        broccolini, garlic compound butter (gf)

36.     Pork tenderloin

          roasted carrots, chats, chermoula, smoked garlic                  hummus (gf)


25.     Chicken Parmigiana

          shoestring fries, house salad

23.     Beer Battered Whiting

          shoestring fries, curried mayonnaise (df)

25.     S&P squid

          nahm jim, House salad, shoestring fries


          pork or eggplant

24.     + Katsu pork, garlic rice, Japanese vegetable

              curry, shredded cabbage, pickled cucumber,

              wasabi mayo

22.     + Katsu eggplant, garlic rice, shredded cabbage,

              pickled cucumber, wasabi mayo Japanese              
              vegetable curry (v)

20.     Blistered cherry tomato spaghetti

          Persian feta, fresh Napoli sauce & basil (vo)

26.     Creamy vermouth pappardelle,

          hot smoked salmon, prawns, shaved Parmesan

30.     Char-grilled Tasmanian salmon

           smashed potato salad, dill yoghurt (gf)

28.     Tandoori chicken breast

          Bombay potatoes, cucumber salad (gf)


Healthy Salads

22.     Tuscan chicken panzanella

          toasted Turkish bread, mixed tomatoes, fresh basil,              bocconcini, red wine vinaigrette

18.     Watermelon tartare

          cucumber, strawberries, mint, feta (vo,gf)

24.     Warm hot smoked salmon nicoise

          chats, egg, green beans, red onion, mixed olives,                dijon dressing (gf,df)

20.     Beetroot falafel Buddha bowl

           mixed lettuce, corn salsa, cucumber, roasted             
           pumpkin, quinoa, aioli (v,df)


10.     Mac + cheese, garlic + herb crumb

  8.     Roasted chat potatoes, romesco (gf)

  7.     Shoestring fries, aioli (v, df)

12.     Sweet potato wedges, smoked garlic hummus (v,df)

  7.     House salad (v,gf,df)

  8.     Seasonal greens (v,gf,df)


16.     Affogato

          Baileys or Frangelico, shortbread, vanilla bean
          ice cream

17.     Alchemy's Cold Plate:

          sherbet, fairy floss, choc soil, strawberries,       
          chocolate shards and loads more

Kids Menu.png

12.     Dino Nuggets

          shoestring fries, House salad

12.     Battered fish

          shoestring fries, House salad

12.     Mini BBQ meat lovers pizza,

          shoestring fries, House salad

12.     Cheeseburger

          shoestring fries, House salad

(gf) - Gluten Free | (v) Vegan | (vo) Vegan Optional | (df) - Dairy Free

15% surcharge on public holidays


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